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Translate your skills for any industry and secure a $20K+ salary increase.

5-Figure Career Rebrand Bundle is a self-guided course for career transitioners and entrepreneurs re-entering corporate. If you already have a clear path and target role in mind, this bundle helps you communicate your value confidently and validate your experience to recruiters.

It's Your Bridge to New Opportunties.

Your unconventional background has you doubting, questioning if your experience is credible in the eyes of potential employers.

Here's the thing. The indirect and "unofficial" experience you're hiding from employers is costing you opportunities
. Your side hustles, volunteer work, and unpaid experience are overflowing with untapped potential.

You've already gained a wealth of transferable skills on your unique journey. Now, it's time to bring them to the forefront, establish credibility, and leverage them as your greatest asset in your career transition. 
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TAMEKA Secured A $40K Salary Increase + Pivoted In 4 Weeks by Leveraging Self-Taught Marketing Skills

"I had already been running my own digital marketing agency successfully for about three years but had concerns as to whether my experience would translate, effectively, to a corporate job search. I was also concerned because my degrees were not marketing-related, and I was unsure how I would stack up against other, formally educated, candidates.  My job search in my new industry lasted exactly 4-weeks. I received my FIRST INTERVIEW within 2-weeks of starting my search. I accepted an ALIGNED POSITION, where the company EXCEEDED all my non-negotiable conditions for employment. And I secured a $40K INCREASE IN SALARY! Nadéjiah is absolutely amazing at what she does.

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ERYKA Secured A $20 Salary Increase + Pivoted After Continuously Being Passed Over for a Promotion

"My biggest takeaway is that I had already done the work. I just needed to explain my experience in an attention-grabbing way. 

I recommend this to anyone who is ready for a life change. This course was more than just career help. It helps shift your mindset all around. It took me less than two months to find the perfect position. I’m now a leader (Manager) in my career. I enjoy going to work. I have full autonomy. My boss trusts me and leaves me alone. My salary increased by $20k. What more could I ask for? If you’re not ready for your dreams to come true, don’t take this course. If you are ready for EVERYTHING to change, Nadéjiah has made this for you. 

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Humbleness is Hindering Your Career

It's time to overcome imposter syndrome, own your expertise, and take control of your career narrative with confidence. 

You're more than a job hopper or 'Jane of All Trades'. You're an expert who needs a personal brand that makes you stand out in this competitive market.

You don't need to meet 100% of the qualifications. You simply need a strategy to position your skills as the solution to employers' problems.

Every skill you've learned, no matter where or how, holds value. You're more than capable. Let's make sure your future employer sees it, too. 

Non-traditional experience 100% belongs on your resume - including those outside of your "regular" 9 to 5.


Make Yourself More Marketable & Maximize Your Salary

I've helped hundreds of clients from dozens of industries reframe non-traditional experiences to attract recruiters and secure salaries aligned with their true expertise.

If you're tired of employers overlooking your relevant experience, this DIY bundle helps you build an irresistible brand that breaks down barriers in your career.
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TESSA Secured A $38K Salary Increase + Successfully Negotiated A Flexible, Hybrid Remote-Work Schedule

"I used to be frustrated about writing my resume. After working with Nadéjiah, all of my concerns are now alleviated. Her coaching questions were concise and allowed me to just think instead of doing the work and connecting the dots. I finally started applying for roles, got in front of 5 companies for interviews, got two offers, and just got accepted! They came within my range and I countered a $3K increase and work-from-home days and increased my salary by $38K."

Shauna Hollinger

SHAUNA Secured A $10K Salary Increase + Landed A Corporate Role In An Industry Aligned With Her Business

"I wanted to work full-time with creators once I realized it was my true passion, but I didn't think I could get paid more than what I made working for the government. I taught myself everything I knew about the influencer industry and built my own business around it, and now I get to work for another company full-time, doing what I love based on those skills. They offered me exactly what I wanted with the potential for a $30k bonus every year. I received compliments on my resume being data-driven and that was something Nadéjiah taught me how to do."

Know Your Worth. 
Sell Your Strengths. Negotiate Better.

The 5-Figure Career Rebrand Bundle helps you master the art of interviewing and vocalizing your value with ease. No more shrinking, downplaying your value, or playing small. 

I give you the tools to showcase your skills, share your story, and leave a lasting impression on potential employers. You'll learn the nuances of negotiation so you can maximize job offers and get paid top dollar for your talents.

You've worked hard to get here. You deserve for your value to be recognized and rewarded.
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EMILY Secured A $33K Salary Increase + Pivoted Into An Aligned Role Without Direct Experience 

"The entire process, from onboarding to the resume review and follow-ups was seamless. Nadéjiah knew how to articulate how my transferable skills translated outside of my role. She invested valuable time and energy in me so that I would feel prepared to vocalize my value in my job search. I made a switch into a new field and functional area with a five-figure salary increase within 4 months. I get to work from home AND increased my income by $33,000."

Timothy Goldbsy

TIMOTHY Secured A $40K Salary Increase In 3 Weeks + Loves The Workplace Culture At His New Company

"Prior to working with Nadéjiah, I lacked the confidence to express my professional skills on my resume adequately. I could describe my daily tasks and projects, but could not put them down on paper in a way that would make sense to a potential employer outside of my company. The mindset shift resulting from Nadejiah's intensive session is PRICELESS. She helped to rebuild my confidence in my value in the open job market. Her holistic approach sets her apart in the career development field."


Proven Strategies to Build a Personal Brand That Sets You Apart


Identify your transferable skills, strengths, contributions, achievements, and areas of impact worth leveraging.


Transform and rebrand your resume into a results-driven job magnet to secure a 5-figure salary increase.


Optimize your profile, build your brand, attract recruiters, and cultivate valuable connections.


Vocalize your value to employers, interview confidently, and ask strategic questions to address your concerns.


Determine your market value in the competitive job market to confidently negotiate and maximize job offers.


Resume template, cover letter template, interview prep cheat sheet, ChatGPT prompts, 30-60-90 day job search action plan, and more.


12 monthly payments of $54


one-time payment of $597

You're Not Unqualified, You Lack Credibility. Let's Change That.

Bonnie McGahee

BONNIE Secured An $18K Salary Increase + Pivoted Into A New Industry Without Needing Traditional Experience

"I used to be frustrated about writing my resume. I couldn't identify how to translate my experience working in higher education for 10 years into more industry/corporate-based language. After working with Nadéjiah, all of my concerns are now alleviated. I was able to take my resume from mediocre to marketable and feel fully confident in my abilities. I was offered a position at a medical research non-profit with student loan forgiveness, a 25% salary increase, and best of all... NO MORE ON-CALL LIFE. I have my life back!"

Ciarra Joyner

CIARRA Doubled Her Interviews + Secured A New Aligned Role With A $20K Salary Increase 

"My resume is a world of a difference. I felt seen and validated throughout the process. I was pushed outside of my comfort zone regarding what is common practice in my industry, resulting in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow resume that perfectly highlights my talents. Before working with Nadéjiah, I only landed 1-2 interviews. But after working with her, I landed 4-5 interviews and had OPTIONS! My salary increased by $20,000. Secure the bag!"

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