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Find a fulfilling career that pays 5-figure more without starting from scratch. 

Career Alignment Accelerator is a self-study course (with optional 1:1 coaching) that teaches women trapped in unfulfilling jobs how to transition into an aligned career without settling, sacrificing their salary, or needing another degree.

Finally, A Real Solution
to Your Career Crossroads

We challenge everything you've been taught about career success and replace it with strategies to remove the uncertainty that often comes with changing careers.
No more guessing, no more stressing, no more trial and error. You'll get a clear, step-by-step roadmap to help you plan a pivot with your unique values, interests, and talents at its core. 
This is more than a plan to get just any job. It's a complete career transformation designed to help you find a fulfilling path that aligns seamlessly with your personal and professional goals. 

You'll gain confidence in your direction, make decisions rooted in clarity, and take control of your career like never before. 

Senior Administrative Assistant,

Dominique Secured a $40K Salary Increase in 4 Weeks + Improved Work-Life Harmmony

I knew I needed help, but my expectations were exceeded working with Nadéjiah! I thought that my experience was too unique. The high-level and nitty-gritty details were exactly what I needed to achieve the alignment I sought. It gave me the confidence to pursue the path necessary to achieve what I wanted out of my life and, in turn, my career. Being coached by Nadéjiah was like catching up with an old friend who never lets you settle for less.


Career Counselor, Kathy Secured a $59K Salary Increase & Landed Her First Management Role 

I was terrified of making a career transition. Nadéjiah was everything I didn't know I needed. She is dynamic. She understands the mind of a millennial WOC and will make sure you leave that "piece of paycheck" behind and secure your BAG. She will not hide the truth from you and will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone to find your light! She helped me remember who I was. At the end of each of our calls, I felt empowered to make my career transition and motivated to find jobs that directly aligned with me (both personally and professionally).

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Achieve Success Without Settling or Sacrificing Your Personal Life

Our program focuses on helping you identify what truly matters to you at work and beyond so you can find the balance between your personal goals and professional aspirations. 

You'll establish clear career needs and non-negotiables to quickly rule out roles that clash with your core values and avoid repeating past career mistakes.

Career Alignment Accelerator provides everything you need to reclaim your power, recognize your worth, reach your potential, and unapologetically advocate for yourself during your transition.

You Don't Need Another Degree to Change Careers

Your current skills are the key to your career breakthrough. Learn how to identify transferable skills, vocalize your value to employers, and transition into a new career regardless of your degree, background, or industry. 

Data Specialist, Corrine Secured A $30K Salary Increase & Broke Into Tech Without A Degree or Traditional Experience

Nadéjiah is the Queen of Mirrors. This program is more than career alignment; it's a total life shift for anyone ready to take their alignment in career, life, and self-love to the next level. I feel more confident in my ability to pivot and leverage my skills throughout my career. I can easily envision my future because I have a road map to how to get there. I have never felt so rooted in myself and empowered to navigate the world and the career sphere as authentically as I can. I felt supported and actively seen the entire time.


Career Transition Manager, Brittany Secured a $20K Salary Increase & Advanced Her Career Leveraging Existing Skills 

Nadéjiah is able to effectively COACH you through what you need to do to better align yourself. She's good at helping you really drill into the details. Now, I'm in a place where I'll apply and anticipate opportunities that are already on my radar. I already know the next best roles for me, and I'm looking specifically for aligned roles in a much more narrow and strategic way with less anxiety because there will be no settling. You have to trust that the elevated role you'll end up in will make this investment pay for itself.

This is More Than a Course.
It's Your Ticket to Career Freedom & Fulfillment.

Simplify Your Search & Stress Less About
Next Steps

With our proven strategies, you can focus your energy on proactive planning and pivoting toward a career you'll love for years to come.

We provide the timeless tools and guidance you need to minimize risk and maximize results as you explore new paths and reclaim power over your career.

With our support, you'll transform how you view work and open doors to opportunities you never thought possible.

No more second-guessing or feeling lost in your career. It's time you get grounded and pursue a path where peace, purpose, and passion co-exist because you deserve it all.
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Information Systems Coordinator, Takara Secured a $36K Salary Increase & Recognized Her True Leadership Potential 

Thank you isn't enough. I rarely feel like I learn new things from others, but I have learned so much from you! I gained clarity on why my previous roles didn't work, why my previous searches were not fruitful, and how my limiting beliefs shaped the decisions I made about my career. I was able to reconcile my negative feelings about job hopping and my lack of advancement in my career. I gained knowledge of best practices for job searching. I gained clarity about how I can continue to serve others in a way that is not self-sacrificing. Now, I have the tools and resources to live my best life. I am excited about my future for the first time in a long time.


Analyst, Rachel, Secured a $29K Salary Increase in 6 Weeks & Now Works for a Dream Company

I had such a great experience working with Nadéjiah! She really helped lift me up during a really dark time in my life. She made me realize that I do have value and something to offer. This shift in mindset helped me to be more selective when applying for roles and gave me the strength to leave a really toxic and abusive work situation. My wins include a mindset shift, better work-life balance, and a better schedule that allows me more time to take care of myself. I realized that my job needed me more than I needed them, and I didn't need to continue to put up with their toxicity. As a result, I am now in an organization that values me, pays me more, and where I am not nearly as stressed and miserable as I was in my last role.

What You Learn & What's Included:

This course is dedicated to answering your burning career change questions. Whether you're unsure about fitting roles, need help pinpointing the best ones, or are reassessing your current career, we help you reclaim power over your career like never before. Our proven strategies will support and sustain your career for years to come. Here's what we cover:

Module 1: Release & Reframe Limiting Beliefs

Unpack, release, and reframe limiting beliefs holding you back from making bold moves and reaching your career goals.

Module 2: Clarify & Aligning Your Values

Raise your career standards by identifying your core career values, must-haves, needs, and non-negotiables. 

Career Alignment Accelerator is the Universal Solution for Career Clarity and Direction.


Whether you have no clue what roles you want to pursue, are torn between options, or are questioning your current trajectory, you identify atleast 2 alternative career paths aligned  values, interests, skills, and apirations. 


Confidently articulate your transferable skills, unique strengths, and areas of impact to recruiters. Effectively communicate your market value to employers and stand out in the competitive market regardless of your work history.


Get the strategies and tools to make your job search more efficient and less overwhelming. You'll learn how to be more selective with roles, leverage LinkedIn to atrract aligned opportunities, and negotiate your needs confidently.


Recenter your needs during your transition by proactively planning ahead. Replace your fears of the unknown with a step-by-step action plan to build a career where peace, purpose, and passion co-exist. 

Asionna Warner

Program Coordinator, Asionna Secured a $20K Salary Increase in 4 Weeks + Was Able to Quit Her Second Job

Before Career Alignment Accelerator, Asionna worked 14-hour work days between two jobs and felt trapped in a vicious burnout cycle. She learned Career Alignment Accelerator strategies, took immediate action, and quickly achieved her career alignment goals.

Asionna said:

The fact that I obtained a promotion while in the program is directly reflective of the strategies we learned because those were the skills I needed to secure a promotion. I had a lot more confidence selling myself during that interview.

Yoma Villalobos.JPG

Senior Support Specialist, Yomahira Secured a $10K Salary Increase + a Management Role in an Industry She Loves

Before the program, I had the hardest time knowing my value. Nadéjiah's program is what I needed in my life to guide me toward clarity and to get out of my funk. I also learned that many of my skills are easily transferrable to new and exciting career paths. Each week is strategically positioned to help you toward your career alignment goal. She gives you the tools and guidance to become self-aware, discover your value, and take self-initiative to be the better YOU. The investment in this program for your growth and clarity is 100% worth it.

You're Not Just Getting Information,
You're Getting a Transformation.

Chamika Ellis

Community Director, Chamika Secured a $10K Salary Increase + Pivoted into a Role Fully Aligned With Her Purpose & Passion

I realized I could no longer DIY my search when I had no idea where to start and needed some help. Working with Nadejiah was everything I'd hoped it would be and more. I value her ability to ask the hard questions in a gentle manner. Participating in the Career Alignment Accelerator allowed me to take inventory of what my values were and really think critically about my non-negotiables that will serve me well professionally AND personally. I left every week feeling more empowered to go into my job search with clarity and confidence that I'm dope and deserve what I ask for.


Collections Specialist, BriAnna Secured a $10K Salary Increase + Traded Her Toxic Work Environment for Happiness

Nadéjiah is amazing! I appreciate her going out of her way to help me on my career journey. The "homework," or probably better referred to as "soul work," will help you in many areas of your life, not just your career. The new job makes life less complicated. Pay raises are consistent. All in all, this was everything I was looking for. My income went up, and my stress level went down 

. I'm blessed, and I'm HAPPY again. Nine times out of ten, you'll end up with a new friend for life because Nadéjiah is such a blessing. 

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