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Career Clarity Power Hour

This session is to work through your most immediate career questions and challenges in real-time.

We'll brainstorm solutions to your unique problems to get unstuck and gain insight into your next steps. We'll have space in between text and voice messages to process, reflect, and implement as needed.

That’s what makes a Day of Voxer so effective. It's designed for optimal ease.


"Because of our one session-you helped push me to get the pay and career I needed! I went from earning $57K to $90K! I even was able to negotiate! Thank you, Queen! Leaving that toxic work space was the best thing I could’ve done-thank you for your amazing coaching!"

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 "She gives you a lot of clarity and helps you begin to take the tangible steps towards change. It is a very affirming space. She highlights your talents and always makes it clear that you DO have skills and you CAN be successful in your career change."

Answers To Your Questions

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